Project Description

Karma Kreations is an upholsterer that focuses on classic automotive and boat restorations. Karma’s owner contacted us needing an overhaul of their digital brand presence to help attract higher quality leads rather than the bottom percentile only loyal to the lowest price point.

Karma’s issue was that the majority of their recent leads were car-flippers seeking the lowest rate on interior restorations to keep profit margins high, rather than automotive connoisseurs willing to pay more for quality design and workmanship. We helped Karma reposition their brand as a specialty restoration service to 1) exclude customers only loyal to price and 2) attract higher-quality leads that were willing to pay more for better crafstmanship.

Working with Karma’s owner Bob, we created targeted content specific to higher-end classic restorations in the form of downloadable guides and handbooks. Aimed at connecting with this more specific target audience, we created visually stunning checklists and tutorials for Karma and promoted them on various social platforms – namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

beetle_resized americanKARMA_BOAT

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